Feel-good package

Discover our healthy weight reduction package now and lose up to 10% of your current weight within only one month!

We’ve added everything you need to feel good and for successfully getting rid of that excess weight at last. With the help of our combination of homeopathic products and metabolic optimised food, you’ll already lose weight during the first few days.


Your weight reduction package contains:

Herbal tea for boosting metabolism
Magnesium capsules
Intestinal care capsules
Cider vinegar capsules
Homeopathic phials
Instructions for use

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How active metabolism helps you to attain your desired weight With the help of our especially developed homeopathic preparations and metabolic stimulating diet plan, you will lose weight, inches and dress size right from the start – that means measurable success from day one!


This homeopathic preparation melts away undesirable and stubborn fat deposits on your hips, belly, thighs and bottom, while maintaining fatty tissue required for healthy muscles, skin and nerves at the same time. You will therefore lose weight exactly where you want. Your basic metabolism increases and triggers rapid fat burn. Connecting tissue and skin will shrink steadily, keeping wrinkles at bay and ensuring a wonderfully smooth and firm skin. A further advantage of homeopathic preparations is that they curb your craving for sweets!